PetsN’all Electronic Pet Barrier System Reviews

PetsN’all Electronic Pet Barrier SystemPets are one of the greatest companions of life, but their safety is a major concern of every pet lover. Dogs are very playful in nature and creative enough to find a way out. If you are facing this situation than you definitely consider a dig fence, because you do not want you dog to get him in trouble.  In this article I am going to review the well known PetsN’all Electronic pet Barrier System also known as In-ground Dog Fence Containment System with Water Resistant Electric Dog Collar and Transmitter.

What’s included in the box?

  • 1x Indoor wall mount transmitter
  • 1x transmitter Power Plug
  • 1x Adjustable Receiver Collar
  • 1x Charger for Receiver Collar
  • 1x 200-meter Boundary Wire
  • 2x Additional Metal Contact Points
  • 20 flags for Boundary Mark
  • 2x Screw
  • 1x Test Bulb

PetsN’all Electronic Pet Barrier System Reviews

In-ground System

This in-ground system is specially intended to keep your dog inside the boundary. This containment system is pretty much reliable and cost effective. The underground wire can be connected to the rechargeable receiver collar around the neck of your canine to coach him to remain inside the specified area. This system will issue static charges if your dog continuously goes closer to the boundary.

How it Operate?

To install this in-ground system set the boundary wires somewhere beneath the ground and set the boundary flags as reminder. These worried transmit a signal to your dog’s receiver collar to get his attention and to tell him that he isn’t behaving a way that he supposes to behave. This likewise helps your dog to remind the boundary limit.


  • Invisible Fencing System: The in-ground system effectively keeps you dog inside the specified boundary and your dog will not able to chew the buried wires.
  • Rechargeable Receiver Collar: The collar included in a box is rechargeable and although this system can also be used with different collars
  • Proportional Stimulus: The stimulus is not automated it needs to be adjusted manually to specify the boundary limit.
  • Safety Settings: It comprises built-in lightening protection as well as audible/visual wire break indicators.
  • Wide Coverage: Up to 2700 sq ft coverage is excellent that make this system reliable




  • Cheap in price
  • Reliable and efficient




  • Easily malfunction



This PetsN’all Electronic Pet Barrier System is an excellent system. This System is only recommended if the cost is an issue for you. This product is not as much reliable as many others but still good enough to tackle much of your problems. Grab this one if you are looking for some effective system at affordable price.


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