PetSafe Wireless Fenc PIF-300 Reviews

PetSafe Wireless Fenc PIF-300This  PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 is one of those two who don’t require any boundary to operate effectively. This system retain circular boundary without any wire.  All you have to do is to set the desired radius and plug it in. This great system can be defined with a single word “Easy” because with this you don’t have to spend your weekend in digging.  It takes at most five minutes to install. No wire mean—no maintenance required.  Being wireless and easy to install it is loved by many customers.

Product Specification

  • Product Model: PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300
  • Product Type: Wireless
  • Collar Battery Type: PetSafe RFA-67—disposable
  • Correction levels: 5-Levels
  • Beep Only Training Mode: Included
  • Collar warning Beep: Included
  • Collar Vibration: Not included
  • Independent Correction Levels: Included
  • Collar Size: 2.3” x 1” x 1.5”
  • Collar Type: Water-resistant
  • Max No. of dog: Unlimited
  • Min Dog Size: 20 pounds
  • Min Age: 6-months
  • Max Containment Area: 0.5 Acre
  • Power source for Control Box: Wall Outlet
  • Battery Backup for Control Box: No
  • Compatible with Indoor Pads: No
  • Compatible with Outdoor Pads: No
  • Training Materials: Manual+DVD
  • Boundary Tester: Included
  • Package Dimension: 11” x 12” x 9”
  • Package Weight: 9 lbs

PetSafe Wireless Fenc PIF-300 Reviews

Circular Boundaries

This wireless system only enables you to have circular boundary with the control box at origin. With one system you can overlap multiple systems.

Obstructions and Inference

Wireless systems are somewhat temperamental and not fit well in about 50% homes. Without any reason system faces trouble in getting through walls, and also it do not perform well if there are metal roof, metal siding, sloppy land or trees present.


There are many limitations with system. Being wireless the boundary changes from minute-to-minute so you never able to get crisp boundary to train your dog. The boundary line move 3 to 5 feet minute to minute making dog training little hard. That means you have to be conservative more and leave safety space from road.


The PetSafe Wireless fence comes with little large transmitter which is capable of creating any sized shape as long as it is circular. You can control the size up to 90 feet radius. For making largest containment space the transmitter system can be overlapped. The huge advantage is that the boundary can be extended infinitely so your dog is not going to run through the boundary line.  After 30 second the collar will timeout and stop correcting the dog.

There are only 3 controls

  • Boundary Switch: with boundary switch boundary can be set at low as 45 feet radius and at high as 90 feet radius
  • Boundary Control Dial: To set or tune the size of boundary circle
  • On/off switch




  • Wireless
  • Easily relocated and portable




  • Circular boundary only
  • Little coverage up t 0.5 acres
  • Disposable collar battery


This PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 is one of the 2 wireless products. It comes with limitation but its benefits and advantages can’t be denied. No doubt it is an excellent product and gives good value for money. This product is recommended of you are looking for a wireless system.


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