PetSafe Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence Reviews

PetSafe Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric FenceThe PetSafe Stubborn dog is specifically designed for those dogs that require more strong correction such as low pain sensitivity breed or very large breed.

What’s included in the box?

  • Direct Burial wire
  • Collar test tool
  • Professional gauge wire (optional)
  • 500-feet wire
  • 50 flags

High Power Collar

This PetSafe include a collar of strongest correction which is effective for low pain sensitivity dog.

1-Strongest Correction

As compared to standard correction collar this PetSafe has 50% stronger correction. It is specifically intended for low pain correction dog. The name Stubborn is from numerous points of view awful. It isn’t proposed such a great amount for canines that are irritably stiff-necked, yet for puppies that won’t feel consistent quality strength.

Numerous breeds, for example, Huskies and Malamutes, are hardheaded however turned out to be agreeable with even a low quality adjustment and would be overpowered by a high quality neckline, for example, this.

 2-5 Level Correction

The 5-stage correction level is a reliable feature—you could set one as required. Even the lowest level is very strong. Do not use this smaller breed because the strong collar may harm them.

2-Cross Compatibility

This system can be used with many other PetSafe systems. You can likewise use this collar on the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe InGround with this system. Note that it can’t be utilized with the highest point of-the-line PetSafe Ultrasmart which utilizes a distinctive frequency.

This cross-compatibility is extremely helpful in case you own dogs of different sizes. Rather than using a single kind collar you can give each puppy with a collar that suits them.

PetSafe Transmitter

1-Adjustable Boundary Width

The transmitter enables the user to adjust the fence boundary wideness. You can modify the boundary distance from 0 to 10 feet. The boundary is set from 3 to 5 feet for most dogs. For pooches with a higher drive to get away, a more extensive boundary is helpful during training.



PetSafe Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence Reviews


  • Flexible, efficient and reliable
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Audible boundary alarm
  • 25 acre capacity
  • Indoor pods compatible




  • Not recommended for smaller breeds


This PetSafe Stubborn is great option for large breeds. The high strength collar gives excellent correction range and recaptures the dog’s attention. There are some limitations with that system but we can’t deny it benefits. Keep this product in your consideration if you are searching for amazing system.


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