Invisible Fence System by Goodboy Electric Reviews

Invisible Fence System by Goodboy ElectricIf your dog is enough creative and always find a way out doesn’t matter what kind of fencing system you have installed—if you consider your dog as a family member and worry about his safety. There is point where Invisible Fence System by GoodBoy Electric dives in picture.

This in-ground electronic system is reliable and convenient system that is quite effective in its work. It is manufactures in 2016 and still in production—there is no hesitation to say that it is one of the latest model available these days. This electronic system will take care all of you worries and keep you furry friend safe inside the home. You pet gonna love this freedom from chain.

What’s included in the box?

  • 1x GoodBoy Quick Installation Guide
  • 1x GoodBoy Dog Training Guide
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Indoor Wall Mounted Transmitter
  • 2x Water Proof and Rechargeable Receiver Collar
  • 3x Adjustable Receiver Collar
  • 2x AC Adapters
  • 1x 650-feet Boundary Wire
  • 2x Additional Metal Contact Points
  • 20 Training Flags
  • 1x Test Light Tool
  • 4x Screws

How it works?

It works with a combination of technology and training. The underground boundary wires will create an invisible containment boundary for your pet and transmit harmless signals from indoor transmitter to dog’s receiver collar to get his attentions if he tries to go beyond the specified boundary.  Firstly it will issue an audible signal if he moves closer to boundary and then issue a mild electric shock if he continues to move closer to perimeter. Even the stubborn dog will learn to stay in boundary with this fencing system.

Invisible Fence System by Goodboy Electric Reviews


  • Easy Installation: Even the beginners will not face any difficulty—all you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned in user manual. The dog training manual is also included in the box
  • Suitability: This fencing system is evenly suitable for dogs of different age, size or temperament. It has 5 level correction which can be helpful for training a most stubborn dog
  • Expandable Range: This system is suitable for containment of 2 dogs inside a boundary of 0.55 acres. You can expand boundary limit up to 5 acres by purchasing additional wires and flags
  • Water-Proof System: Being water proof system it is extremely helpful in avoiding lightening strikes, sporadic activation of collar and interference of signals




  • Water proof system
  • Expandable boundary range
  • Easy to install
  • Effective and reliable




  • None at that time


This Invisible Fence System by GoodBoy Electric is one of the latest products available. Being latest it is sure that this system is pretty much improved than other older models available in market. It comes 5 level corrections which are enough to training a dog—furthermore the dog training guide is included in the box. Make this product your prior choice if you want to add value to your money.



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