Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog FenceDogs are really creative doesn’t matter how much you struggle to keep them in the yard they will find a way to get out. In this situation you definitely need a containment system. For pets owners convenience I am reviewing the Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence. Keep reading if you want to know about the benefits of having this product than keep reading.

If your dog always escapes you yard than it’s a time to get containment system which keeps your furry friend from escaping or wandering off and getting hurt.

Product Specification

  • In-ground system
  • Warning tone
  • 5 levels static simulation
  • Multiple collar supported
  • Accompany a non- rechargeable 9V battery
  • 500-feet cord included

What makes it better from the rest?

This in-ground wireless containment system sets up quickly.  Being wireless it use a transmitter that without any wire communicates with collar on dog neck while underground wire determines the boundary. This is going to help you a lot if your dog loves chasing squirrels. With the help of quick install instruction guide it is very easy to install. The box also includes a collar but you can buy a separate to make your system more effective.

The 500-feet long cord is enough for area of 1/3 acres but with the added versatility you can expand it up to 5 acres. Especially for square or rectangular shaped property this in-ground invisible system is great.

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence Reviews


The Platinum Pet Fence collar is bulky, has two large contact points and nylon strap. This collar is great for medium and large sized breeds but for the smaller sized breed it is not recommended. Not one of the most comfortable collars but still very good to use.

This wireless system is pretty straightforward. It comes with an indicating light that tells that everything is working precisely. Just mount it one the wall and make sure that there is no metal object is present in the surroundings.


The major downside of the unit is the battery. It utilizes a non-rechargeable 9V battery which last only a week and even less if you turn the collar off at night. When you turns it off it make the same warning tone that it usually does when your pet s in the proximity of the boundary.

Buying a new battery every week is somewhat costly. It is recommended to buy some rechargeable ones and rotate them after few da



  • Worth the investment
  • Huge range if you buy additional wires
  • Supported for multiple dogs
  • Water proof collar




  • Poor battery life
  • Being bulkier the collar is not good for smaller dogs


Being a cordless containments system this friendly pet products wireless dog fence is versatile. The in-ground system is huge advantage and also one of the most affordable units. If you spend some time to train your dog than product worth the investment.



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